It wasn’t long before YOUR BUSINESS NAME realized that a career in music was exactly what they wanted in life. Surrounded by a community of musical talents in the vibrant CITY cultural scene, YOUR BUSINESS NAME brings an original and innovative approach to their work. Catch all the updates as they progress through their music career.
Established in YEAR FOUNDED, YOUR BUSINESS NAME is a place where musical excellence and tradition is combined. Through hard work and dedication, YOUR BUSINESS NAME has earned its reputation as a leading Traditional Style Band from the CITY area. Their talents continue to dazzle crowds at events both near and far. Explore the site and learn more about the band’s achievements and schedule.
Natural ability, a strong will, and intense determination has propelled YOUR BUSINESS NAME forward to this point in their career. While they have achieved so much, there’s still a great deal they want to accomplish in the world of music.
Carrying the Tune

Express Your Emotions in Music – Interview with the amazing Claudio

"If you look at the people who really changed the face of music

they weren't hiding"


"Music calls a thing that exists already, that is demanding expression, sometimes the tighter the constraints the more you actually push through"


"Out of all the music producer of the world, only 2% are Women"


Claudio Produce/Artist"

So many of us got into making music because of our deep visceral love of music and the emotions we feel when listening to it, but when it comes to actually making music, many of us can get distracted by the technical task at hand, the inner-critical mind, considerations of what others might think and many many other factors that can actually hold us back from tapping into the very emotion that drew us to music in the first place.


Claudio joined us to talk about a topic that is very near and dear to her. Her talks on translating emotions into music have featured at the annual Loop Conference and the prestigious Ted conference. Claudio sat down with Ryan to discuss ways we can all better connect with our feelings to channel them into our music.